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On October 27th, I was hospitalized due to a stroke in my right peritital lobe.  The MRI for the stroke showed a seperate lession in the left temporal lobe.  At the time, the stroke was the more critical issue, so additional tests were scheduled for November and I focused on PT and recovery.

I graduated from PT on November 28th, and stroke recovery was progressing very well.  I still had some numbness and tingling in my right hand, and my left foot feels different- thicker than it used to, but my speech had resolved completely, I am able to walk without any assistive technology.  I had already been back to work. 

On November 25th, I had an MRI w/spectroscopy.  This test was the basis for the diagnosis of a glioma, the neurologist gave me the news on the 30th, and I started on a crash course of learning about gliomas, and getting the next rounds of consultations lined up.  I setup appointments with the neurosurgeon who had seen me immediately after the stroke, and with a  neuro-oncologist.

Another MRI was done on 12/2 to determine if there had been any growth in the tumor.

On 12/5 I met with the neurosurgeon.  The tumor had not grown apprreciably from the initial MRI, so that aligned with the diagnosis of a low grade (level II) glioma.  The bad news is that without a biopsy, there's no way to be 100% certain, and that even if it is low grade they tend to grow so at some point it will cause symptoms as it pushes on other brain tissue and the risk of it becoming a higher grade increase with time, so the recommended course of action is to remove as much of the tumor as possible as soon as possible.  The tumor itself is in the temporal lobe near the speech center, so a functional MRI was ordered to be able to map brain activity and develop a surgical plan.

I had my first appointment with the neuro-oncologist on December 7th.  He concurred that there would have to be a biopsy (or resection) in order to provide tissue to determine the exact type of tumor to be able to develop a plan for treatment.

On the 9th I moved back into stroke follow up mode and had a TEE test to determine if there was any cardiac reason for the initial stoke.  The test found no issues with the heart that would have resulted in clotting.

The functional MRI is scheduled for 12/15.  I'll have a follow-up with the neurosurgeon and I've scheduled a second opinion appointment on the 22nd to ensure that another surgeon concurs with the recommended course of treatment.

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Wow! What an ordeal. Good luck with the upcoming tests and keep us posted.
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